2016 Activity Report

Along with running a school for poor village children, RPI also conducts many social programs in surrounding villages to improve the health and well-being of the community to especially to enhance the status of females.

Awareness Programs

Healthy Baby Contest

Relief Projects India conducted a healthy baby contest in Kurinji Nagar tribal village on 20/7/16 18 ANC/PNC Mothers participated in the program. It was jointly organized with the Anganwadi centre. The program concentrated on health and hygiene. Nutrition and immunization for the children were explained and based on that marks were given to the parents. The main topics were breast feeding, spacing and contraceptive methods. Other than the anganwadi centre, there is no health or education support available in that village. Dates, green grams and biscuits were distributed to the participants. Anganwadi worker Mrs Malathi distributed prizes to all the participants.

Health baby awareness

Child Protection Awareness Program

Relief Projects India and Madurai District Child Protection Unit jointly organized the Child Protection Awareness Program at RPI on 30.1.16. Mrs. Shobana Kumar, the Counsellor of Child Protection Unit was the resource person for the program. More than 100 women and girls from four villages attended the program. The issues faced by the children, especially girls in the community, were deeply explained to the participants. The problem of education drop out, physical and mental changes during adolescence, nutrition support, child labour, early marriage issues were discussed. The parents were requested to allow the girls to share everything with them and to observe all the activities of the students; this helps to prevent them from being misused by others. Participants revealed that the program was very informative and useful.

Women’s Day and National Girl Child Day

RPI SHE program is working to empower the women and children by enhancing their knowledge through education. Women’s Day and also National Girl Child Day was celebrated in all the tuition centres. The role of women in the family and the society was discussed in the program. The gender equality, rights of the women, importance of education and health were also discussed in the program. The children were encouraged to continue their education without dropout until they reach their goal.

Program for Women's Day

ANC/PNC Meeting

We regularly conduct ANC and PNC meetings. On 16/2/16, 10 PNC and 2 ANC mothers participated in the program at Kunuthupatti anganwadi centre. The health issue during ANC/PNC period was discussed. Hygiene and nutrition was strongly insisted. Immunization given to the children was monitored. The regular health check-up of ANC mothers was insisted. It was found there are misconceptions and a lack of knowledge about temporary contraceptive methods. The health issues due to lack of spacing was explained to them.

Women’s Health Education

We also conduct meetings for mothers and adolescent girls. Two such meeting were conducted this year, one of which took place in Kuriji Nagar tribal village. Health issues related to women were discussed in this program. It was found most of the women are not disclosing their personal health issues even to the service providers. Personal and menstrual hygiene and its importance were explained to them. Women are not concentrating on their nutrition, diet and health issues. We discussed the problems with anganwadi worker and village health nurse to tackle the problems.

World Tuberculosis Day

Every year World Tuberculosis day is observed on March 24th to build public awareness on tuberculosis. The theme of the year 2016 is “Unite to end TB.” RPI has been conducting TB awareness programs for last 2 years in villages. RPI has observed World TB day in its premises. The Deputy Director of Tuberculosis, Usilampatty, Dr.M.M.Samy, attended the program with their team. The counsellors, coordinators, HIV counsellors also participated in the program.More than 100 public and students benefited from this program. Complete information about TB was explained; the symptoms, treatment, prevention, duration of medicine and the relationship between TB and HIV were discussed. RPI tuition students performed a skit about the misconceptions of TB among village people and the treatment of TB; it attracted all the participants. TB awareness programs were also held Kunuthupatti and Notampatty villages.

Tuberculosis awareness

Parents meetings

Parents meetings were conducted in Edayapatti and Vasinagar tuition centres in July. Fifty parents attended the meetings. We listened to feedback about our free tuition centres. They said education level and behaviour of the children had improved and the education support materials which we distributed to the students were very useful. We insisted on regular attendance and punctuality of students.

Aadhaar card camp

An Aadhaar card camp was conducted in Mountain view school in November. The Education Department sent the aadhar officer to the school to make aadhar cards for the students below 5 years. Their parents too came with their aadhar card for the registration and gave the thumb print in front of the officer.Traditional Food Festival

A Traditional Food Festival was conducted by Integrated Child Development Scheme from November 25th to 27th. The child development officer invite us as to convey the message about the importance of traditional foods for a healthy society and to share our services to the participants. More than 300 participants attended this program.

HIV Awareness

RPI has been conducting HIV awareness programs in the villages of Dhotapanayagannur panchayat. In January we conducted an HIV awareness program in Narutampatti village in Nakkalapatti panchayat. More than 25 males attended the program.

HIV awareness program

Drug Abuse Awareness

We came to know that the school boys in the villages are involved in the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, and tobacco. They are also addicted to sniffing glue and nail polish. We conducted an awareness program for the parents in November, with a Tamil Powerpoint presentation. A program for the boys involved was conducted in 2017.

Drug awareness program

Student Awareness

Student awareness meetings were conducted in all the tuition centres. Through the moral stories the values of good manners and behaviours were explained to the students. The importance of health and education for their better future was emphasised and they were encouraged to utilize the services of RPI

adolescent awareness programs

Medical Programs

National De-worming Day

National De-worming Day was observed on 10/2/16 and 15/2/16 throughout the country. De-worming tablets were given to the students of Mountain View school. They were supplied by the Primary Health Centre Dhottappanayakanur and given with the consent of the parents.

Eye Camp

RPI and Aravind Eye Hospital jointly conducted a free eye camp on 10/12/16 at the RPI premises. RPI takes care of the logistics, advertising, transport and food for attendees and Aravind Eye Hospital provides the medical staff. 155 villagers attended the camp of whom 47 were with diagnosed with cataract problems, and 27 admitted for surgery. In addition, 44 people were identified with refractive error, 31 were prescribed eye glasses, of whom 24 ordered or received eye glasses; 8 patients were diagnosed with speciality problems. Totally 93 out of 155 attendees were diagnosed with eye problems.

Haemoglobin Testing

We also continued our program of organising hemoglobin testing in villages for adolescent girls in conjunction with local primary health centres.

free eye camp

Eductional Programs

Free Tuition Centres

RPI runs free tuition centres in 7 villages benefiting nearly 350 children. The children who attend have made good progress in their education and marks and are also encouraged not to drop out of school. Special maths classes are also held twice a week in one of the larger tuition centres.

Support for Anganwadis

RPI is operating fun learning programs in five anganwadi centres for the preschool kids. This has been conducted with the proper approval from the ICDS. Educational support materials were distributed to each centre and the RPI volunteers are going to the centres for orientation. For the underweight children we give the nutritional support has given and their weight has improved.

Summer Camp for Tuition Centre Attendees

In May we conducted a 6-day summer camp for all of the attendees of our tuition centres. In addition to extra tutoring in English, they participate in many fun activities: a volunteer from Mumbai taught the children dancing; they also attended art classes and participate in games and sports activities. On the final day, the children presented dance and cultural performances.

stationery supplies for tuition students

Summer Camp

Activities to Celebrate Special Days

Special programs were held to celebrate Independence Day, Republic Day, Children’s Day, Diwali, Christmas, New Year and Pongal.

Independence Day Celebration

Mountain View Nursery and Primary School

After successfully conducting kindergarten activities for one year, Mountain View Nursery and Primary School officially opened in 2016. In addition to the kindergarten level, first standard students were admitted in June 2016, and we will add an additional standard each year until 5th standard is reached.

Mountain View School is committed to providing quality education to disadvantaged children from impoverished backgrounds in a safe and caring environment that encourages the development of socialization skills, independence, and a positive self-image. We celebrate a child’s uniqueness and encourage respect and social interaction. Our vision is for all children to receive an education that fosters a love for learning, and builds success for life.

Mountain View Nursery and Primary School is an inclusive school. We believe that all children should be equally valued in school and we strive to eliminate prejudice and discrimination, and to develop an environment where all children can flourish and feel safe.

Educational activities at Mountain View Nursery and Primary School
Educational activities at Mountain View Nursery and Primary School