Mountain View Nursery and Primary School

Fun learning activities

Mountain View School for the rural poor opened in June 2015 to bring quality English-medium education to impoverished villagers for whom such education is unaffordable.

Education has the power to transform children’s lives, now and for generations to come. It is one of the principal routes out of poverty. It gives children and young people a chance to gain valuable knowledge and skills, and to improve their lives. A good education can also be a powerful tool to address serious social issues. Studies have shown that children and young people from impoverished and deprived backgrounds consistently achieve worse results in school, throughout the course of their educational career, than do their more affluent peers. There is a statistically significant gap in educational attainment across the socioeconomic gradient by the time children are 6 years old. This gap grows wider until by school leaving age poor children are far more likely to leave school without qualifications than their more affluent peers.

Our preschool activities emphasise providing a nurturing environment conducive to positive learning experiences. Learning should and can be made interesting, enjoyable, fun. We teach modern and innovative early-learning techniques and activity-based learning that fosters the blossoming of the child’s natural development. “Drill and kill” approaches have not been found to be effective for engaging children actively in the learning process.

At the beginning of the new school year, 2016, we added 1st Standard (grade 1) and added 2nd standard and a second LKG class at the beginning of 2017. We will continue to add a grade level each year.

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