Can you help with any of the following needs? Your generous giving enables us to postively impact lives. Thank you.

Needs for Expansion of our Programs

project Rs.estimation $ estimation
2nd story of school for primary grades 40 lakhs $60,000
Conversion of materials shed into volunteer and staff quarters 7.5 lakhs
Making a sports field Estimate to be acquired  
Purchase of school mini bus 5 lakhs $7,500

Needs for Mountain View School

item Rs.estimation $ estimation
Sponsor school workbooks for 1 child for 1 year Rs. 1,700 $25.00
Sponsor 1 teacher's salary for 1 year Rs 72,000.00

Educational items which can be ordered from the internet

Sponsor a village nursery school

  • Tamil story books can be ordered he from Tulika publishers here. As their books are available in several languages, it is necessary to select Tamil on each book ordered.:
  • Building blocks can be purchased here at Indian Amazon.
  • Wooden puzzles available at the link above for wooden puzzles.