Mountain View Nursery and Primary School

Fun learning activities

Mountain View School for the rural poor opened in June 2015 to bring quality English-medium education to impoverished villagers for whom such education is unaffordable. We started with LKG and UKG and having been adding a grade level every year. In 2017, we also started a 2nd LKG class and will add a 2nd class at each grade level as these children move up.

More classrooms are desperately needed. Please visit the donate page if you would like to help.


When girls get educated, they are able to become income earners and therefore less of an economic burden on their families.  In fact, all of our teachers are from local villages and therefore are able to make a significant contribution to their families. Good education for boys which incorporates values and civic responsibility is also necessary if attitudes towards females are to change.

We place a strong emphasis on LKG and UKG as there is a statistically significant gap in educational attainment across the socioeconomic gradient by the time children are 6 years old. This gap grows wider until by school leaving age poor children are far more likely to leave school without qualifications than their more affluent peers.

We are employing modern preschool activities which emphasise providing a nurturing environment conducive to positive learning experiences. We use modern and innovative early-learning techniques and activity-based learning that fosters the blossoming of the child’s natural development, many teaching methods drawn from the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential. Thus the children get a good foundation for the rest of their studies.

We continue to provide interesting and stimulating education through the Primary Grades, again training out teachers in latest teaching techniques, such as Whole Brain Learning and Multiple Intelligence.


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