Sponsored children

The little family on the right couldn't possibly afford to send their children--an older girl and younger twins, to a good school. We arranged sponsorship for them to attend our school and they are thrilled to be able to give them an education that before they could only have dreamed of.   The children, seen on the left,  love their school and look lovely in their school uniforms. 

TB patients recovered

Mr. C. aged 60 and M.P. aged 65 from a nearby village were identified as TB patients and referred for testing and treatment. They complete their TB tablets and are now cured  from TB. Mr. C. said  he was suffering from the symptoms for long period but because of lack of awareness he didn't go for a TB test. He said we saved his life. Mr. P. had taken treatment in private hospitals but they didn't treat him  for TB. He said he spent lot of money but  was not cured, but now he is well and free from all symptoms.

Reactions to haemoglobin testing

The parents said that until their children underwent HB test, they didn't know about that importance.  Now they are providing healthy foods and fruits and the needy girls are taking iron supplements. 

Reactions to our free tuition centres
Students said  their parents are poor and not educated, and they can't   go for private tuitions. Our tuitions help them to continue their studies. They also said the educational materials are very useful to them.

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