We work with the world-famous Aravind Eye Hospital to conduct free eye camps once a year. The Hospital provides the medical staff and treatment while RPI organises the camp and takes care of advertising and logistics. As a result many villagers have had their sight restored through the free cataract operations conducted by Aravind Hospital.

RPI conducts several activities to improve the health of mothers and babies in the area, to address the common problems of poor nutrition, anaemia, and low birth-weight babies. These meetings help to make sure mothers get their medical check-ups, register their births to avail of government support that is offered, such as cash gifts for female babies, and to make sure they give birth with medical assistance. We hold regular health-for-mothers programs and we also hold 'healthy baby' contests, where the health and progress of babies is monitored, encouragement given to the mothers to follow vaccination schedules, breastfeeding etc.

We regularly conduct awareness programs in different villages to address serious and common health issues that affect the villagers, such as diabetes, HIV, and TB. (India is seeing a resurgence of drug-resistant TB. This is aggravated by the fact that illiterate and poor villagers often don't finish their course of medicine or don't take it properly.)

We have helped the local government TB department with sputum collection and follow up of affected people. Our HIV programmes have helped dispel many misconceptions and many young men have gone for testing as a result.

RPI is working to improve the quality of life of women and children in the community by providing the support in health and education. The recent news in the media indicates that harassment of women and children has increased.

We conducted an area-wide child protection meeting for women in conjunction with the District Child Protection Department. To take this information to the grass root level of the community, we have started adolescent awareness programs in the villages where we have tuition centres.

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